Competition Guidelines

Crowdfunding Clash of the Titans!

Each team will have its own crowdfunding project site. The team site will need a brief description of the purpose of your fundraising efforts, a video (which will be developed by the University’s marketing department) and a goal.

Your goal should be set based on number of email contacts (parents, former student athletes, family and friends of players) who can be contacted for support.  The office of annual giving will assist in goal setting by providing lists from our records.  Estimate your players being able to send out 5-10 emails as well.

Once tentative goals are set by each sport they will be reviewed by annual giving and the athletic director to confirm the goals are reasonable.

Because the sports vary greatly in the number of potential supporters and the dollars they will be able to raise, a point system will be used to calculate the winner. 1 point will be given to each team who exceeds goal, 1 point will be given to each of top three teams with the highest average gift and 1 point each to the top 3 teams with the highest percentage of donors to the solicitable base*. The team with the most points at the end of the competition wins.

In the case of a tie, the team that reached goal first will be the winner.

For average gift calculation any gifts over $2,500 shall not be calculated in the average.

The winner of the competition will receive X amount of additional dollars to their program.

Pledges will NOT count toward the competition. Only cash gifts.

Donors who do not wish to make a gift online can do so by check. These will be manually added into the online totals. All donations should be directed to Judy Wernette for processing.

The competition will last 4 weeks and will begin on October 30 and end on November 27 (#TitanTuesday). No gifts that come in prior to or after these dates will be counted.

Donors can give more than once during the course of the competition. Their total giving will be counted but they will only count as 1 donor.

Dual alumni households will only be counted separately if they give to different sport programs.


*Solicitable base is the number of emails we provide to you plus any additional emails from players. 

Clash of the Titans FAQ